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Top 3 Mistakes on a C.V.

Teresa Da Costa, Human Resources Professional and Founder of DC Labour Consulting Solutions

1. Application is not relevant to the job specifications

More and more job vacancies are being advertised on social media through various different types of job portals. Therefore, it has become a common trend for applicants to abuse the application process by not taking the time to read the relevant job requirements advertised. They are simply applying to the advertisement.

This not only frustrates the recruiter, who has to screen and sift through all applications, but it is extremely time-consuming. An applicant, who does not take the time to read an advert and apply with relevant matching skills and competencies, leaves the impression that he/she will not take the time during employment to carry out the work that is required of him/her.

2. Ignoring the gaps in the work history

Gaps in a CV can result in your application being deleted from the process. If the applicant has not indicated what activities he/she performed during significant gaps in the employment history it looks suspicious.

3. Not selling your achievements

It is important to highlight success within your career history (without sounding arrogant). If you have had success and you have achieved something, why not mention it in your CV? It also gives the employer an indication of what type of work has been carried out and opens up the door for discussion at the interviews.

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