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Labour Relations


As an employer, you want Human Resources (HR) to contribute to your business success – as opposed to just having HR for the sake of HR. Whether you are experiencing people-management challenges, or are committed to doing the right things to create a highly motivated and productive workforce, DC Labour Consulting has the resources to credibly support you.

Numerous studies consistently show that Best Employers outperform the competition in any given industry, which means that leveraging HR’s strategic capabilities will provide you with the opportunity to do just that.

As your trusted and valued HR partner, we will help you define your human resources strategy, engage your workforce, and/or execute on your day-to-day employee-related issues and opportunities so that your people are fully aligned and focused on achieving your business objectives and strategies.

DC Labour Consulting has been helping businesses across a wide range of industries to manage their staff and improve on their productivity.

As your partner in labour management, we will help you deal with specific issues but we will also look at your business as a whole. This holistic approach means we can help you put in place a customized strategy to reduce the potential for risk when it comes to your labour force legally compliant.

This will help you create a happier, healthier, compliant and a more productive workplace aiming in achieving your business goals.

       We are committed to serving you with:

High-quality, real-time advice and support – grounded in the best practices.

Customized solutions – tailored specifically to your organization, that work within your budget.

Timely and tangible results – by partnering with you and your people to ensure successful implementation.

A trusted partnership – by a dedicated team of HR professionals that enable you to focus on what you do best.


DC Labour prides itself as acting as a strategic partner to their clients. 


Impartial Chairperson Chairing of Disciplinary Hearings related to Misconduct, Incapacity, Appeals & Grievances with relevant documentation related to it.

Facilitation to inquiries related to Poor Work Performance & all relevant documentation related to it.

Drafting of Legal Temporary & Permanent Employment Contracts.

Assisting with relevant employee warnings of all job levels & categories. 

Drafting all relevant paperwork, wording & charges related to Warnings & Disciplinary Hearings.

Assistance with Operational Requirements which are handled in accordance to the LRA Section 189 & 189a Retrenchments & all relevant documentation associated with it. 

Advice on all matters falling under the Labour Relations Act.

Section 197 Transfers.

Sexual Harassment.

Performance Management guidance, assistance & advice.

Disciplinary Investigations.

Union Negotiations.


Settlement Negotiations.

Representations made on behalf of organizations at CCMA / Bargaining Councils.


Full process assistance of Conciliation's & Arbitration's.


Ensure Policy & Procedure Compliance as per the Labour Relations Act.


Developing of a detailed Disciplinary Code of conduct with relevant table of offences.


Guidance & Support for Line Managers on the guidance & education of Industrial Relation.


Free telephonic & e-mail communication and/ support related to Labour related matters.

Business Meeting

Our outstanding client service is one of the major factors that differentiates it from other competitors.

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