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HR Business Partnering

DC Labour Consulting Solutions is equipped to be your trusted and valued added HR business partner. Having DC as your on-site HR Professional on a part-time consulting basis, we will credibly support you in planning and executing on any ad-hoc projects or longer-range departmental initiatives.

You can have the confidence and peace-of-mind that we will deliver to your expectations, so that you can successfully support your organization’s objectives.

       We are committed to serving you with:

Innovative, best in-class HR strategies – to provide your organization with a competitive edge

Customized solutions – tailored specifically to your organization, that work within your budget

Timely and tangible results – from practical recommendations that can be implemented with ease

Value-added solutions – that maximize the return on your investment


Assisting with drafting detailed compliant company policies & procedures in line with Labour Relations.

Employment contracts drawn up as per the LRA requirements.

 Ensuring Compliance related to Disciplinary Codes & providing training.

Restraint of Trades.

Confidentiality Agreements.

Assistance with Talent Management.

Assistance with Health & Safety.

Employee Wellness.

Training & Development.

Assistance & Training provided for Employment Equity, including all relevant reports & plans.


Assistance & consulting advice given in the Nomination & Appointment of Employment Equity Members.


Assistance with Employment Equity Meetings & Training to the Committee Members.

Much, much more..

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